Custom Paint and Graphics


Refinish technology in the collision industry is a very fast changing, exciting field. Research and development are constantly moving forward to create new more vibrant colors with special effects which are also environmentally friendly. New high solids solvent base paints and waterborne paint have greatly reduced the amount of harmful chemicals released into the air. These, combined with modern filtration systems in paint booths, make automotive refinish both beautiful to behold and safe for the environment. At Withrow’s Body Shop we have two AFC downdraft spraybooths that bring fresh clean air in from outside and heat and filter it to give us a spray environment that not only clean but also at optimum temperatures for the best paint performance. Air from inside the paint booth is filtered and put back into the environment as fresh, clean air.  We have chosen Dupont’s Envirobase waterborne paint system to give us the best color match possible with beautiful brilliant colors while reducing the harmful solvent components in paint to a minimum.

DuPont Waterborne Refinish Products — Good for business. Better for the environment.

“Our portfolio of waterborne refinishing products is a great example of how our passion and commitment result in innovative solutions that are good for your business and better for the environment.” – DuPont