Withrow’s Body Shop – A Family Tradition

The Withrow family began in the collision repair business in 1939 when present owner Raymond Withrow’s father Cecil hired on at a body shop in Kansas City as an apprentice. The shop he hired into was a shop who had converted to automobiles from repairing wagons, buggies and carriages. At the outbreak of WWII, Cecil joined the US Army where he was primarily a gunnery instructor but with his love of cars worked his way into the body shop.  As the war ended Cecil opened his own shop, Cecil’s Body Shop. In the late 1950s, Cecil moved his operation to Odessa. Raymond’s mother Letha helped with the bookkeeping and day-to-day operations.

Raymond with Trike 1

Raymond’s two older brothers spent much of their  teenage years working and helping in the shop. Raymond “grew up” in the shop and was literally in the shop whenever possible as a child. Raymond did his first complete paint job by himself at age fourteen. In 1982 Raymond began operating the shop as Withrow’s Body Shop. He moved into a larger building in 1992 and in 2002 built a new state-of-the-art 12,000 square foot facility to meet the needs of today and the future.  Withrow’s Body Shop presently has seven staff members, and Raymond’s wife and children also assist with the various activities of the business operation. With the new facilities Withrow’s Body Shop is ready to meet the rapidly changing technology of today’s automobile.

Front View of Shop

We have built our business on doing top quality work and being open and honest with our client. We strive to tell our customers what repairs need to be done and help them understand the repair process and what it takes to repair their car. We always want to be open, honest and have a good line of communication with our customer. Quality repairs are essential, there are many different ways to repair a car, we want to do it the right way. People have a lot invested in their automobile and the cheapest repair is quite possibly not in the best interest of the owner. We want to do the right repair.

Withrow's Body Shop Custom Ram

“I have been doing business with Withrow’s Body Shop ever since I came to Odessa, Mo in 1970. Mr. Cecil Withrow, Raymond’s father, was the owner at that time. Withrow’s Body Shop has always been a good business. This shop always has done excellent body work and has always stood behind their work. When a customer has their vehicle repaired at this shop they can count on the work being done in a timely manner and being restored better than it was when it was brought in. Raymond Withrow, the current owner, is an honest Christian man. I have never had a problem with the work done at his shop.  My company thinks this is an excellent shop and has designated this shop as our Select Service Shop.  This is one of the highest ratings that we give to a body shop.” – local insurance agent (Odessa, MO)